All kinds of people, all kinds of careers.



Amy Humphreys was in our band 1996-2005 playing the cornet. Now working as an Occupational Therapist, Ammy says:

"I joined St Helens Youth thanks to my teacher Lynda Nicholson at the age of 9. The band has provided me with so many opportunities and skills. I had many amazing experiences, including playing for the Queen and a trip to Disney Land. I have met some of my best friends through banding and even my husband. I am still playing the cornet at Rainford band, there are many ex youth band players there and it’s been great to come together as part of the virtual alumni band.  Although I did not pursue a career in music, as an occupational therapist I frequently use it as part of my therapy sessions. Being part of SHYBB has shaped my life and I am so proud of my time in the band."


Chris Hibberd was part of our band from 2008 to 2016 and is currently in the British Army as a musician. Chris says:

"SHYBB gave me some of my most memorable musical memories from performing around the whole of the UK to further reaches including Europe and North America. The friends I made in my eight years have become some of my closest friends and i wouldn’t be where I am today without the organisation"

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Ruth Hurst pictured in concert with SHYBB here was part of the band from 2000 to 2010 playing Euphonium and Baritone. Ruth is now a music and drama teacher. She says:

"I was in SHYBB for 10 years. There were so many amazing performances, experiences, and tours to places I would otherwise never have been, and so much good music! Being in the band nurtured a sense of commitment and responsibility. I also made lots of good friends and got a husband out of it too!"


Paul Duffy says:

"SHYBB was the foundation to my life as a musician. I joined the band at the age of 7 and stayed until I was kicked out at the age of 19. I began on 3rd cornet in B Band. But after a few weeks the C band was created and I became an inaugural member. After many years of development and fantastic experiences like having the opportunities to play my first solos, I left SHYBB as principal cornet of the A Band. At the time I was also playing soprano cornet with the world famous Black Dyke Band and this same year won my first National Championship in the Royal Albert Hall. I played with the Black Dyke Band as a soloist for 7 years before I embarked on a solo career as a multi-instrumentalist. Releasing several solo albums and touring the world extensively. Now I am based back in the UK, I record a lot of brass for soundtracks and songs. I don’t tour as much as I used to because I took a second job as an airline pilot."


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